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Text for Page 181 [04-02-1863]

              for England. 
  3.  Friday}       Non mi recordo
  4. Saturday}       with my degree
of minuteness.  During this time or
before (most probably the latter)
sent off article about the �Hard-
Up Correspondents� for the N. O.
Era, together with a private let-
ter to A. C. about things pertinent
to the war and in general.       Got
Shepherd dispatched to the army
of the Potomac, as Tribune corres-
pondent.    He had been to Gay before,
desiring to replace me at New Or-
leans : Gay consulting me about it,
it was determined to let �Umbra�
(Baker), Andrews and perhaps
A. C. Hills take care of the De-
partment of the Gulf for us, while
Shepherd should go to Virginia, there
to help record Hooker�s attempt on
Richmond, which, they say, will
assuredly be made, by crossing the               
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