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Text for Page 182 [04-04-1863]

              James River.     After rigged Shep-
herd out with my havresac, port-
manteau, india-rubber blanket,
old overcoat &c, he got off on
Friday, subsequent to a long evening�s
good bye to his beloved at Harlem,
whither he is used to go once or twice
a week.       I think he�ll prove
an average correspondent, and
the job will be wholesome for him,
setting him free from this squalid
rhyme-grinding life.     He has been 
sober enough, on the testimony of
others, since my departure for
New Orleans � though that may
be owing rather to his physical
condition than to anything else.  He
can write decent English and is
a gentleman on manners, and is
perhaps worth helping.    For Cahill
and Watson I have not a grain of
sympathy; they will, and deserve
to go to the devil.       This stinking               
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