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Text for Page 050 [03-01-1852]

              30.  Monday.   Called at Swinton & Fays.
To Strongs, leaving Copy & drawings.  Found
him Sick.       To
the Lantern Office.   Brougham & Carroll
there.   Called in at Lockingtons, then back
to Swinton and Fay�s where I learnt that
Barth had called and taken out Alf.
Walked down the intolerably muddy, filthy
Broadway as far as Fulton, there returned.
Met in the course of the morning Pope, Lister,
Bellew, Mason (looking small and hairy)
and Albert Brown, who told me how he
had to work till 6 in the evening � Injured
and persecuted being!     After dinner to Brooklyn
Made a call at Dunsiers &c.     Returned, and
at about 8 finding fire gone out, went to bed
and read Leigh Hunt and Ariosto for three               
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