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Text for Page 183 [04-04-1863]

              boarding-house has grown intole-
rable to me.             Mullen has
been cleared out, after a prodigious
row with our landlady.   He owes
her some three or four weeks board,
wouldn�t pay her when he had money,
and came home, staggering drunk,
on two or three successive nights.  So
I heard Boley jawing him as he
lay in bed at 2 P. M. � the con-
troversy involving oaths on both sides.
At its conclusion the bold Mullen,
rather penitentently wrapped up the
whole of his personal effects in a
piece of brown paper and departed,
to borrow $2 from Haney, where-
with to get drunk on, at the House
of Lords, subsequent to which he was
very miserable and talked about
drowning himself.   Apropos of black-
guards; I have met Beckett Bellew
more than once; he looks hard, seedy
and disreputable : they say he has               
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