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Text for Page 184 [04-04-1863]

              done queer things, borrowed watches
and guns from people, and then
pawned the articles for what he could
raise.      He denounced �this b____y
country,� and confidentially assured
me that he was going to leave it
very soon.    I met him in an ale-
cellar, rather drunk, with two big
dogs and a hard-looking �friend� beside
him.     He had previously demanded
letters of introduction for two ill-looking
fellow, to people in California, of
Cahill � whose endorsement ought to
be especially valuable.    Cahill refused
when Beckett suggested that it would
be easier to forge them.            How
thoroughly Irish all the Bellew belong-
ings are � Frank, too, despite his
likeable qualities.   What stories we
were told about the grand marriage
that Beckett had made, with a
heiress worth heaven knows how
many thousand pounds!     Now are               
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