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Text for Page 185 [04-04-1863]

              he and his family glad to sponge
on Frank.   Piercy � the Mejor � is,
I heard, head steward or purser
on some steamboat.  I fancy the
whole tribe are of the Diddler order,
the father being a genteel Micawber.
  On Thursday evening I had an ir-
ruption of guests to my room.   First
Hall who came mainly to repay to
me the $5 lent to him over the
Chickahominy; then Mrs Boley con-
voying little Maguire, both of whom
were presently routed by Boweryem
and Weston.         Little Boweryem is
as friendly and as officious as ever,
but no wiser.      He is reckoning the
unhatched chickens of his future
prosperity as the tallest kind of
shanghai�s; he assumed an air of
prodigious importance when I suggest-
ed New Orleans for the Tribune
to him and said with an aspect of
injured dignity that he didn�t think               
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