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Text for Page 186 [04-04-1863]

              it would be worth his while to
leave his �business� � that he had
been up once or twice to see Mr
Gay and if Mr Gay wanted him,
he could send to him.  I dropt the
matter, with a resolve to pertinent to
it.      Boweryem subsequently confided
to Shepherd a story about some Irish
servant-girl, whose valuable acquaintance 
he had made while she was putting
an advertisement into a newspaper, in
which arduous task he had assisted
her, subsequently cultivating her so-
ciety.   She loved him, wildly, and
had avowed it, he said.      I wasn�t to
be told of this on any account.     An
awful little ass, though a kindly one,
is George Boweryem : I have never
seen his equal for inordinate vanity.
He�s been �in love� with a score of
women, to my knowledge.    He gets
off the most astounding pieces of con-
ceit, enough to justify the throwing               
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