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Text for Page 187 [04-04-1863]

              of things at him; or a tremendous
blowing up.         He and Weston
went soon, and as I had promised
to squire Maguire home, I went
down stairs, there to find Mrs
Butler and the faithful Jones in
the parlor. Had a talk with her
till Maguire and Miss Clarke (who
came to this house with Boley) ap-
peared, when I took, first the one,
then the other home, and then jump-
ed into the 6th Av. cars, to go
down town, to an interview with Gay
at the Tribune Office.            Apropos
I am appointed London Corres-
pondent to the paper � to write one
letter, or less, a week � for a salary
of $500 yearly.          Paid a visit
to Dixon on Saturday evening,
when he talked about Grace�s ac-
couchement and death.   Thomson
neither paid or thanked Dixon for
his professional services.  From other               
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