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Text for Page 189 [04-04-1863]

              horrible carelessless at Grace�s ac-
couchment.     She was hot in bed,
so what must Mort do but lift her
out, on to a settee, beside an open
window, and this in December!
They congratulated one another on
their successful defiance of the doctor.
�It almost seems as if he
wanted to kill her!� commented
Mrs Edwards, narrating this.      If
Grace had lived, indeed, Mort�s squander-
ing her money must have been dis-
covered to her.    When his first wife,
poor little �Chips� was in labor,
the fool and brute put his head into
the room and checked the birth
for half an hour.      There was a
regular drunken howl about her
bed, too.    Ah well !  the poor young
wives may compare experiences,
now, where he won�t come in a 
hurry.       I shall live to believe in
original sin after all, I�m afraid.               
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