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Text for Page 190 [04-05-1863]

              5.  Sunday.   To Jim Parton�s,
room, at Dodsworth�s, through the
rain, finding him and Jack Ed-
wards there.    An hour or more�s 
talk about Butler, and New Orleans,
I urging him to go thither, apparently
in vain.      Then left and took the
cars to 38th Street, to dine with
Leslie.   Stayed till 8, then down
town.    Looked in at 745 and walked
home with Haney, to get my Savings
Bank book.
  6.  Monday.   To the North river
end of Canal Street, there to see the
steamer Victoria, advertised to sail
for Liverpool on the 16th of this month.
She is a big propeller, that came
here with a cargo of cotton and pro-
poses to take a handful of passen-
gers.      I had thought of going in
the City of Washington on Satur-
day, paying $80, in gold � now
at over 50 per cent premium over               
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