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Text for Page 191 [04-06-1863]

              U. S. money.   The Victoria will
take me for $75 currency.    Down
town to Trib office, Evening Post
and elsewhere.     At the E. P. Of-
fice saw Williams and Maverick;
Williams goes in the City of Washing-
ton.     Hither and thither till about
4, then uptown.             I saw
W. Waud one day last week and
spent an hour or two with him
at Mataran�s.    He lives in Jersey
still; and with Sol Eytinge, illus-
trates the paper, now a poorish one.
  7.  Tuesday.   About nearly all
day.   One task the trying to hunt
up the humbug Gilmore, whose house
� a long way up town � I have been
to, who has no office, and who
owes me $22 for my article in
January�s Continental.   I go to
Trow�s, the publisher, after him.
To the office of the ship-agent for
the Victoria, where I saw the man,               
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