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Text for Page 051 [03-01-1852]

              hours.       Joe came, stopped nearly an hour, sit-
ting by the bed-side and fidgetting all my clothes off
the chair.     Alf came after.   He draws all
day long at Swinton & Fay�s, takes his
grub here and there as best pleases him.
  2nd. (Yesterday put down erroneously to Feb-
ruary�s credit.)     Tuesday.    Making ready
for drawing when Barth came.  Out with him.
To Swinton & Fay�s, where Alf joined 
us.   Walked down filthy Broadway mud to
Liberty Street.     Imbibed ale and sat awhile.
To the Battery with Barth. Saw him off.
Back, looking for a room with Alf about
Broadway.     To Reveille Office.   To Mat-               
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