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Text for Page 193 [04-07-1863]

              however we went down-stairs to the
basement, to Sally, the baby and
dinner.        The meal was a good 
plain one, nicely served, comprising
simply oyster soup and roast beef.
Nast appeared friendly, almost
assiduously so, and Sally showed
pleasantly.      After dinner I looked
over innumerable pictures of Nast�s,
appertaining to his visit to England,
the Heenan and Sayers fight, his
Garibaldian experiences, and later
work, on Harper�s and other mis-
cellaneous subjects.  Among the
latter were a series of sketches,
a la John Martin, illustrative of
Paradise Lost, done to order for
a Connecticut Yankee who is going
to get up a panorama on the sub-
ject.    Sally and her husband�s talk
about the man was not without hu-
mor.   Barring a little carelessness
in anatomy � the result of haste � the               
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