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Text for Page 194 [04-07-1863]

              drawings were excellent.     There
was a little awkward consciousness of the novelty
of our relative positions at first, hence
I presently spoke, saying (as I
felt) that I was heartily glad to be
there, as I desired to leave none but
friendly recollections behind me on my
coming departure for England �
that we had possibly misjudged each
other abominably hitherto, and so on.
Nast responded in friendly sort and
we shook hands.   He had got his
original conceptions of me from Sol
Eytinge, and I could easily imagine
how just they were.   Subsequent to
Nasts marriage and refusal to allow
Sally to associate with Allie (or Mag-
gie as Nast called her) Sol led
him a dog�s life at the Illustrated
News Office, and Alf Waud helped
Sol to do it.       Now, in Sol�s esti-
mation, Nast is �worse than I
was,� deposes Sally.       Nast, I               
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