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Text for Page 195 [04-07-1863]

              fear, hasn�t had the fairest or
most generous usage all round.
Much of his apparent conceit is
really the mask of his shyness and
consciousness of his educational de-
ficiencies.     This and his predispo-
sition againt Haney and myself
by Eytinge, will account for the
behavior we disliked in him.  The
young fellow knew himself to be igno-
rant of many things, but knew
also that he had ability with his
pencil and resented,
often Awkwardly enough, our unjust
treatment.        He came of poor parents
and has known privation.    He has
had to go to bed hungry because
his mother had no food to give him,�
said Sally earnestly.         At Leslie�s
he got $5 a week and was mor-
tally apprehensive of losing his place.
Sol he looked up to, immense-
ly.    He tells how much work on               
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