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Text for Page 196 [04-07-1863]

              Sol�s drawings he did, as he pro-
gressed.        Sitting at the feet of
such an artistic Gamaliel, it is
no wonder that he contracted that of-
fensive decendentalism about everything
that, seven years ago, was so horribly
rife in the basement of the building
in which I write.      The infernal
things that Haney, Sol, and Bill
Waud used to say to one another then
� and how miserable we all were!
Well, Tommy, growing up in this
atmosphere, is brought to 745, when
incontinently he falls head over ears
in love with Sally.     Then, I think,
almost everybody disapproved of him.
I was Haney�s partisan; Ann cack-
led against Nast and the girls
quizzed and snubbed him.     I
don�t suppose that anything he could
do or say then, appeared to great
advantage in our eyes.      When
he came back from Europe he               
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