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Text for Page 198 [04-07-1863]

              that ends well, and I am well
content to know that Sally loves
her husband as much as she is ca-
pable of loving anybody, and that
he is both proud and fond of her
They told me their troubles since
they were married � how indignant
Mrs Edwards was at Nasts hi-
ring a servant for Sally, declaring
that she was �going on just like an
American girl.�     �When I could
afford it!� said Nast, very
truly.    The folks at 745 would
hardly come to see �em during this
episode.            I stayed till 11, and
came away with the cartes de
visites of both Sally and Nast in
my pocket.           A dank and drizzly
ride back to my dreary boarding-
house � which I shall soon quit
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