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Text for Page 052 [03-02-1852]

              hews�.     Arrived outside Swinton & Fay�s,
while debating outside as to pursuing our quest
further, up came the Jew Myers, either
owner or agent for the building.   After some
badinage he agreed to let the room I last
looked at for $5 a month.    So on Saturday
I quit, and try a new mode of existence.
It�s a two windowed room, though small, at
the very top of the building, and looks towards
Stewarts Store.   /             Parted with Alf,
then to Franklin.   Drew on wood � four
Reveille subjects, and now have just scored
up Diary.
  3. Wednesday.   To the Reveille Office, to
Mathews.   Met Donovan � (who of course gave
me the first number of a new paper he was in-
terested in.)     Met Hutching, looked rather               
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