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Text for Page 203 [11-04-1887]

              [first page of loose letter]

		New York
			Care of Harper Bros
				Nov 4  1887

My Dear Gunn,
		I just met Frank Schell
& he told me he was writing you a
long letter.    I sent word by him saying
that I often thought of you.   I often picture
you in your rural English home, and see
you with your now partially grey beard
among the cabbage & carrot bushes.
  Here social intercourse is growing
worse & worse � nothing but bar-rooms
& brutal Americanism, there seem to be
no Englishmen here now as of yore.
  I have be steadily living in the boiling
cauldron of hell since you left.  Two
of my children my son & youngest daughter
have turned out very badly.      My Wife
died somewhat over a year ago under
most painful & humiliating circumstances.               
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