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Text for Page 204 [11-04-1887]

              [second page of loose letter]
and I am now alone living the life
of a bachelor, dreary work in a
city like New York where no one
goes to see any one else.
  My sisters in England are very
anxious that I should visit England   I
am no less anxious to do it myself but
the expense of the whole affair is a great
impediment � still I hope to do it & then
I shall have the pleasure of seeing you.
  This is only a line to remind you in
truth that I have not ^|forgotten you| and [wish you?]
  I am still working for Harpers
Life.  I find work pretty abundant
  If we should meet in England
I would have enough news and recollections
to tell you to keep me going for a year
	Yours faithfully
		F. H. T. Bellew               
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