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Text for Page 206 [11-07-1887]

              [first page of loose letter]

Wardington : Banbury : ENGLAND. Nov 7/87.

  My dear Jack:
			Your letter of Decem-
ber, last year, has remained unanswered
almost as long as mine to you did, though
of no deliberate intent, yet perhaps with
less excuse, as I have (or ought to have)
more leisure than your busy self.  The fault
was due to the old cause, procrastination �
some temporary hindrance, at first, I think,
then delay, increasing at compound interest,
after its fashion.        Then, too, as now, I had
but little of personal interest to write about,
our lives being, like those of most elderly folks, 
rather monotonous.        I hope, by this time,
you have succeeded in getting satisfactory pho-
tographs of your children, copies of which
we shall be pleased to receive; as also of
their parents.        The last one I had of you
is, I believe, about twenty years old.    As a
kind of anticipatory equivalent for, or ground-bait
to this result I inclose a sun-portrait of               
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