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Text for Page 208 [11-07-1887]

              [third page of loose letter]
sensibly see with what a face, in no long time,
Oblivion will look upon himself.�  At threescore
one stands right in the front line, waiting
the sweep of the great scythe, which, as you
remark, thins our ranks so perceptibly, with
the wholesome deduction that we ought �to hold
on very close to those who are left.�  What
you tell me in illustration of an opposite ten-
dency in some of your family I regret, but
can quite realize and understand.  I am
afraid you attribute it to its right source also.
Women are often more worldly than men: they
think so much of appearances, which men, living
in a larger world, care less for.  When I was
last in the U.  S. (in 1873-4) Nast once spoke
to me with a good deal of feeling about your
fancying he might be alienated from you.  �Even
Jack!� he remarked, �and you know what a
good fellow he is!�  But that was over 13
years ago.  I know you were always the
truest and best of friends to him and used
to think your relations towards all you sisters
singularly kindly and pleasant in the dear               
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