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Text for Page 209 [11-07-1887]

              [fourth page of loose letter]
old basement in Broadway; but money will
do after its kind, and its tendency is rarely
beneficial.  It�s a kind of manure which
may develop good fruit, but oftener a luxu-
riant crop of noxious weeds.  I distrust most
wealthy people, feeling as if there must be
a great gulf between myself and them.  I
never wanted to be rich, feeling that it in-
volved increased responsibilities, for which I
was wholly unfit.  Rich folks are not in the
least happier than poor ones, and have the
enormous disadvantage that scarcely anybody
is sincere or truthful towards them.  Here�s
a sentence or two from a letter which I got
from Mrs Nast, dated February 8, this year,
that may amuse you.  Alluding to the Partons,
she says: �I do not hanker especially after
Mrs P.�s acquaintance, but I would like to
listen occasionally to some of Jim�s wild
talk and brilliant remarks.  I don�t know
whether people are less original than they
used to be, but it seems to me that as I               
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