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Text for Page 210 [11-07-1887]

              [fifth page of loose letter]
grow older, conversation becomes very uni-
form.  You know just what they will say;
they never startle you by new views of things.
Of course this is rather a fashionable com-
munity to live amongst, and genteel society
is not prone to much variety of opinion;
but I often think of the discussions at old
734, and wish I could listen to some of
them now.�  In short Sally finds the
select of Morristown slow.     You know, per-
haps, that Nast went again to Colorado, in
September, to visit Tom, who returned thither
last May and �thinks he has a very good
prospect.�  There have been no drawings in
�Harpers� Weekly� by his father since last Christ-
mas.                  We�ve had an unprecedently fine
summer here in England; the Jubilee and
Buffalo Bill�s show being the prominent sen-
sations.  Apropos of the former we feasted
all our rustics, when I did an hours carving.
Banbury got up a very good show and process-
sion, with tableaux, including the Lady on a
White Horse and the old joke of the Puritan               
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