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Text for Page 053 [03-03-1852]

              seedy, unshaven, and rent coat.     To Strongs,
then to Reveille again.   Then back to Frank
lin Street.  Drawing afternoon and Evening,
Lantern subjects.     Heard that Brougham
is sick.       Theft, taking place at this house
just now.
  {4   Thursday.       Busy each day, partly drawing for
  5.  Friday.}       Reveille, Lantern & Notions, partly
down town about Nassau Street.    Nocturnally out with
Alf seeing about purchasings for fitting �up room.
Davis with us one night, (Friday) as we walked
about the Bowery.     The previous one with Alf,
purchasing sheeting &c, on Canal Street. Snow fal-
ling thick and fast.
  6.  Saturday.     Down town, calls.  At Swinton
& Fay�s.   Out with Alf.  To Greenwich Street, Nas-
sau & the Bowery.   To Franklin.  Packing up               
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