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Text for Page 054 [03-06-1852]

              denuding the little room & then cart being gotten
jolted off to my new abode, corner of Reade &
Broadway, having payed the $5 for first months
habitation, that morning.  Getting things up four 
pair stairs &c.  Then at about six, leaving Alf
and Davis (who would be there anon) to finish
purchasings, I went off to the Star in Walker
Streets, where the Lantern fellows dine now. That
meal was over, so took a tod, and remained an
hour or twain, then left with Woodward.  With
him at a shooting gallery, then about 10 back
unto my new habitation.  Alf came anon. He
and Davis had bestirred themselves, purchased
mattress, looking glass, &c. and a big buffalo
skin as counterpane.   Went to bed on the
floor, being tired out and toddied.
  7.  Sunday.  Fixing things &c.  Davis came.
Busied with Alf till about 3, then to Nassau               
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