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Text for Page 006 [05-23-1862]

         The Fire-Zouaves at Williamsburg-
camp for their Knapsacks, they started
with Three crackers each and marched till
midnight, camping (near the church at
the turning where I went astray) in their
shelter-tents, remaining there till day break,
  They reached the battle-field by 10, getting
orders to join the fight, to the right of the
road, among the stumps, at noon.  Hooker,
they said, had two horses shot under him.
Their colonel exhorted them to remember
Bull Run (where the regiment was said to
have disgraced itself by arrant cowardice �
fully redeemed, however, at Williamsburg);
and they fought promiscously with their
muskets and fists among the fallen trees.
Two enemies grappling over a stump, strug-
gled till the New Yorker struck the Southerner
a stunning blow between the eyes, subse-
quently bayonetting him.  In another instance
two men killed each other simultaneously,
with the same weapons.  The regiment quit-
ted the field at 4, the Colonel with the
bottom of his opera-glass shot off, the Lieut-
enant-Colonel wounded and a prisoner.
  All the Zouaves praised Sickles, their Bri-
gadier-General.    Colston arriving, after
breakfast, we set off again on the always               
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