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Text for Page 007 [05-23-1862]

	          On The Road
detestable road, bordered by a thick growth
of pines and varieties of white oak.  We
passed though sundry ravines and plenty
of puddles, some of them quite flooding the
road; which looked wild enough and had
been beaten out of all shape by the rains
and the footsteps of marching soldiers.  There
were bodies of dead horses, horribly swollen
lying in it, which ours were averse to pass.
  Our progress was not rapid, in consequence
of it Hall�s bad plight.        -    ; he trudged a-
long most painfully, protesting against any
increase of speed; we paused occasionally, in
tendernes to him.  By noon we called a
halt at a farm-house by the road-side,
guarded by some soldiers of the 75th Mass.,
where, after an hours delay, we got a meal
of the usual corn-bread and pork order,
at the usual price of fifty cents each.  Here
Colston resolved to return to his Jersey friend
to write a letter of items extracted from the
75th Mass., also to look after that carpet-
bag.  Hall and I determined to keep on.
we presently met Chaplain Marks of the
63rd Penn., and had a talk with him;
a good, honest clergyman, promt to do
his duties and more.  Hall trudged on               
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