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Text for Page 055 [03-07-1852]

              Street, to the Excelsior    Dining place, there
dined in comfort.   Then, walking down Broadway
to the Battery, took a boat, and Alf rowed
me across to Governors Island.   Found Barth
matagrabolized, and in the doldrums.   Stayed
ten minutes or so, then back to Alf, and to
New York.   It was a lovely day, not much
wind stirring, and the sunlight warm on the
face, anticipating the glorious midsummer time.
Back to Broadway.   Left Alf at the door,
and to Mulberry Street.  Supped with them &
then with Joe & Fred back to my room. There
to Chapins, but he not preaching, to the Tabernacle
where we heard a slightly brimstony sermon. Left
them in Centre, and to Mrs Kidders. Talked
awhile with Lotty; � she desirous now of playing
at Broughams�.    Came away about 11, and
to bed with Alf.     There�s beneath, first a               
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