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Text for Page 009 [05-23-1862]

   Night at Gen. Keyes� Headquarters.
quarters, a mean-looking house, which the
General did not propose to occupy but merely
the space in front of it, where his tents were to
be pitched.  We saw him on the stoop presently
when, after a few minutes conversation, he gave
me a handful of crackers, saying that he would
sup on the same.  After partaking of these I
went in search of a drink of water, obtaining a
churlish refusal from a teamster, but succeed-
ing on asking an officer, who supplied me from
his canteen.  The scene was very picturesque, the
glare of the camp-fires illuminating the tents,
the cannon, the faces, the and the wild
country.  I sat on the pole of a wagon, or ra-
ther of our ambulance, munching on my crackers,
looking at all this and thinking of Chacombe.
Presently Hall found me, bringing a cup of cof-
fee, a gift from our teamster.  Our supper
dispatched, we turned in and slept in the
ambulance, the teamster and Hall above, I
below, my valise for pilow, my india-rubber
coat for a blanket.
      24. Saturday.  Raised by day break, by
a rough voice commanding all to �Turn Out.�
obeyed accordingly and fed mule by shucking
corn-cobs in my hat, then went in quest of
a breakfast for Hall and self.  Refused by               
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