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Text for Page 011 [05-24-1862]

              Gen. Peck�s Headquarters.
and tumbled straw mattress, some broken
chairs, two cheap, painted New York litho-
graphs in coarse frames (one represented a
girl, I remember, which made me feel quite
amorous) a hideous pitcher of Southern manu-
facture, and of course, arms, saddles and
accoutrements.  Here we were recieved in freind-
ly sort by Wilkeson and Peck�s staff.  Outside
the rain came down drenchingly, soaking horses
and men, and inducing my mule to break his
bridle, which he left hanging by the fence.  In
the midst of this storm an orderly rides up
with directions from Gen. Keyes for everybody
to get ready for a start, also news of a skir-
mish with the enemy, in which Keyes, Naglee
and Couch had been engaged.  Accordingly,
with much dissatisfaction we prepared for a
drenching, the rain seeming to increase in
violence every moment.  In the mess-room
I found one of the Anderson Zouaves who re-
collected my visit to his regiment when encamp
ed near New York, and had a talk with him.
He gave me a song of his composition, glorify-
ing his corps.  Dined with the General and
staff, there being happily a countermand of
the order for starting.  Peck appeared a
pleasant, well-bred young officer. Among               
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