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Text for Page 012 [05-24-1862]

                  A Night at Peck�s.
Those of his staff was an old captain named
Titus who very kindly, and at the expense
of some pains mended the broken bridle of my
mule.  The rain ceasing, I mounted and
rode back to Keyes� Headquarters, the roads
being in an inconvievable condition.  Previous
to my departure I was presented with a bottle-
ful of whiskey, in a stone, Scotch ale bottle,
with a vinagar-cork stopper.  Visiting both
Gen. Keyes and Couch, I got particulars of
a recent skirmish, with list of killed and woun-
ded and wrote my letter, leaving it with the 
former General for forwarding, then accepting his in-
vitation to a meal of beans.  Then I rode
back, feeling miserable enough.  Meeting some
of the Signal Corps encamped by the road-
side I learned that Jerome was sick, that
poor old Atkinson was in a peck of troubles.
Regaining Peck�s headquarters after dark,
I found the officers crowding round the fire,
others playing cards; Wilkeson approbative
and friendly.  We all very soon tuned in
for the night, Wilkeson and I occupying
the bedstead and mattress.  It didn�t make
a comfortable sleeping-place, for the head-
part was depressed, the ticking torn and
ill-fitted, hence, in spite of my fatigue, I               
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