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Text for Page 016 [05-24-1862]

                 Retracing our steps.
Tumbled and tossed considerably, as Wil-
keson told me in the morning.  The rest of
the party, including Hall, lay upon the floor.
     All this day I was continuously haunted
with thoughts of Mary Bilton, irrespective of
my own control.
    25.  Sunday.  A fine day, again.  Off af-
ter breakfast, at Wilkeson�s suggestion, with
instructions to recross the Chickahominy and
to push for our right.  Hall went with me
alternately trudging through the mud or taking
a turn on my mule.  We presently met a
Lieut. Eggleston, Provost � marched of Couch�s
division, a gentlemanly young Englishman
who gave me a very cordial invitation to visit
him.  Through the horrible road; called
on the Signal Corps, then to Keyes� head-quar-
ters, where I was introduced by the General
to Gen. Kearny, who looked to the brave man
he was, and altogether more rugged than
he is depicted in the photographs on page 195
in the preceeding volume.  Set off again, the
road being a stream of mud, and all the
army on the march, the reverse of the way
to that we were going.  Passed old Heintzel-
man, his staff and command (the last time
I ever saw the old chuff) including Nevins               
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