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Text for Page 017 [05-25-1862]

       Recrossing the Chickahominy  ,
and Sneedon, who sat in a wagon look-
ing forth on the miry confusion.  A fight
with my mule, the mud being up to his
knees.  Crossed the Chickahominy by
Batten�s Bridge, of which Hall made a
sketch, then retraced our steps for a mile
or more to the house where we had encounter-
ed Capt. Blanchard � Then Keyes� more
recently Heintzelman�s headquarters.  Here
we found the 3rd Pennsylvania cavalry
encamped and sought our Bement and
Wallington, principally in the hope of get-
ting dinner.  But they had had theirs
and two hours waiting produced nothing,
so off we set again, faint and savage,
feeling the failure of our involuntary men-
dicancy in more than one sense.  Hall
had been plagued with diarrhah, which
my opinion pills checked at length.  Our
road now lay off to the left, following
a telegraph-wire through the deep green
woods looking beautiful in the afternoon�s
sunlight.  It was very hot, a handker-
chief wetted in a little stream that for
some distance ran by the road side, soon
dried on being placed between the crown
of my hat and head.  Presently we cros-               
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