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Text for Page 019 [05-25-1862]

                  Leaving Berdan�s.
who, of course, came for drinks; among them
Hendricks.  Hall and I stayed to supper,
sitting afterwards by a camp-fire outside
one of the tents, all other sensations being
absorbed in that of warmth, discomfort and
boredom at Berdan�s glorification of him-
self and his sharpshooters and depreciation
of other regiments, for which we was so
notorious as to have become a perfect bye-
word and joke among the correspondents.
The failing was almost universal, old
Hays being the only exception that I remem-
ber.  At length to sleep on the floor of
Berdan�s tent, not too comfortable.
     26.  Monday.  Roused at 3. A. M. the
camp being under orders to march.  Dres-
ing in the dark before day-break; dreary,
weary work; another doze by the camp-
fire until near sunrise, the distant
spectral woods becoming cobalt under his
rays, which darted like veritable Phoebus�
arrows through the boughs of the pines, the
white oak and dogwood of the near forest,
a heavy dew, like rain, covering the grass.
Feeding the mule by shucking corn-cobs,
conserved in my haversac, in my hat;
then saddling him and on the road again.               
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