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Text for Page 021 [05-26-1862]

            Arrival of Will Waud and
then back again, to the headquarters of Gen.
Morell, where we fell in again with Hendricks
who, understanding our plight, good naturedly
offered his services to quarter us with the 62nd
Pennsylvanians, and introduced us to Col.
Black (a hearty, rough fellow who got killed
subsequently), who sent us to one of his lieu-
tenants named Putney.  He with two or three
of his companions hadn�t got a tent up yet,
for the camp had but just been pitched in
the drizzling rain, however it was presently
elevated and we had shelter.  Very soon
the young fellows constructed a rough bed-
stead, also a table upon which we ate a
hearty meal, our hosts being very hospitable
and kindly.  Shortly afterwards visitors
came and among them neither more nor
less than Mr Will Waud, looking as trim
as if he had stepped out of a bandbox, and
contrasting curiously with our weather stained
appearance.  He was there as artist for F.
Leslie, he said, and had just arrived, by
rail road from the White House.  He had
a letter for poor Hall which curtly informed
him that on the receipt of it he must sur-
render up his �credentials� to the bearer and
return to New York.  Poor Hall! he had               
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