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Text for Page 028 [05-28-1862]

                   Parting with Hall.
ing; he wouldn�t take any more having
got some from F. Leslie, on our past visit
to the White House.  When within three miles
of Hanover Court-House, Whittemore and I
riding, Lumley in an ambulance, we met
some soldiers and heard the particulars of
the fight.  Returning we met another Times
man, named, I think, Curtis, who after a
talk with the balloon-corps again, who had moved
to a near encampment.  Hot, hungry, tired
and sick, lying panting on the ground.  A
thunder storm drove us into a tent, and
Whittemore�s hurry got us to the saddle again,
directly it was over.  Across a wheat-field,
under the burning sun.  Joined by Lumley,
who had borrowed a horse, which animal
had been unauthorizedly borrowed by one
of the balloon-corps, at which the artist
was wroth.  On the road again.  Arrival
of 350 prisoners, from Hanover Court-House,
guarded by cavalry.  They marched on foot
with occasional exceptions where the good na-
tured troopers had dismounted to let some
footsore or aged man ride, besides carrying
their miserable little bundles � which not many
of then owned.  The rebels were all North               
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