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Text for Page 029 [05-28-1862]

               North Carolinian prisoners.
Carolinians, lean, lank, stooping figure, nar-
row across their shoulders, their complexions
and tattered dress of an undescribably, sun-
baked dust color.  Not one wore anything ap-
proaching to a uniform, though you might dis-
cover a worn shoulder strap or rusty button.
Very many were bare footed, some bare headed,
others covered with torn felt hats or broken
straw ones.  So pitiful was their aspect that
the blue-coated federal soldiers assembled on
the banks on either side of the road to marvel
at them.  �Them fellows soldiers?� was the
general remake : �they don�t look like it.�  �You
should have seen them fight, though !� respond-
ed the troopers, who had been in the action.
I rode among the prisoners and conversed with
them.  They were simple, country fellows, very
civil, very tired and very hungry, some had
had nothing to eat but a stray biscuit for
three days : our fellows gave them food.  Their
phisiognomy was entirely unlike the Northern
type, akin to their comrades whom I had
seen at Williamsurg, but les objectionable.
One could not help contrasting their physique
with the sturdy fellows common enough � Though
not universal � in the Northern ranks.  Yet
these Carolinians had fought, as the cavalry-               
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