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Text for Page 030 [05-28-1862]

                 In search of Quarters :
men said �like h_l�: it was pluck and
ignorant, simple-souled devotion to their cause
inspired them.  Arrived at McClellan�s
headquarters, they all squatted or lay down
on the grass, as if tired out and quite indif-
ferent to anything but their present plight,
and, a most picturesque crowd; were photo-
graphed all together.  After getting some
news, going to the telegraph office and else-
where, Whittemore and I rode off again;
I feeling very hot, exhausted, sick and hun-
gry.  To the headquarters of Gen. Franklin,
then those of Gen. Davidson, in front of
a neat house occupied as a hospital, while
the tents of the General and his officers were
pitched on the grass, on either side of the
gravel walk leading to the tenement.  Here I
was fortunate enough to get an offer of hospi-
tality from a good-natured assistant-adju-
tant named Long, and Whittemore rode
off.  I really felt very ill, but after getting
some supper, and some whiskey and opium,
to temporarily check my diarrhaeh, I lay
on my stomach under a tent and wrote a
not very lengthy letter to the Tribune, and
then lay down on the blanket prepared for
me in the tent of the assistant adjutant.               
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