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Text for Page 031 [05-28-1862]

                   At Gen. Davidson�s.
I was so weak that, rising to go out in the
night, I stumbled and lay with my face in the
dirt for some minutes, before I could muster
strength to get up again.
    29.  Thursday.  Felt very ill still, head-
achy, sick and miserable.  I had conversed
with some good natured doctors overnight who
wanted to have me tarry with the division, and
advised my applying to Gen. Davidson for per-
mission.  I found him a very gentlemanly young
Virginian and got a civil denial on grounds
that rather did him honor.  He said that he
thought that the whole system on which the
army-correspondence was done was mischievous
and partial, there being an inevitable tendency
on the part of a correspondent to blow the trum-
pet for those who awarded him hospitality;
that he knew of flagrant missrepresentations
in consequence.  I couldn�t help agreeing with
his sentiments.  Weary and heartsick, I was
sitting outside a tent, to avoid the intolerable
heat within, when a young fellow, belonging
to the camp came up and learning my condition
warmly urged me to go to the adjacent camp
of the 7th Maine, to which he belonged, assuring
me that I might depend on its hospitality �               
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