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Text for Page 034 [05-29-1862]

                     The 7th Maine.
I told �em and didn�t intend to be taken
prisoner, preferring to kill just as many of
�em as I could and then to take my own
death like a man rather than submit my-
self to their tender mercies.  This silenced
the truculent Louisianian and shortly after-
wards I departed.  Leaving headquarters
I skirted the woods to the right passing a
New York regiment and coming to the 7th
Maine, where, as advised, I inquired out
Quartermaster Whittemore � no relation to him
of the Times � but whose name I had heard
mentioned before with commendation by Cur-
tis when the reporter and I
met him on our ride towards Hanover Court
House � He was a good-looking, shrewd
faced fellow, in company with others of a rough-
er type, and gave me hearty welcome.  Pre-
sently he accompanied me to the tent of the
Colonel of the regiment, whose name was Ma-
son, a plucky little man, who had fought
well both at Williamsburg and Mechanicsville.
The regiment was a thorough yankee one,
its officers principally democrats � at least
those I become acquainted with � and down
on �abolition, in which we differed.  The
sergeant, cook and others who messed with               
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