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Text for Page 035 [05-29-1862]

         W. Waud � Quigg � McQuade .
Whittemore talked pro-slavery unionism
rather belligerently, wherat I, rendered ad-
ditionally savage by sickness, retorted; not-
withstanding which we got on very well, and
the roughest of the lot, having to serve out whis-
key to the soldiers, pressed upon me more
than I wanted, jokingly quoting the military
instructions that the dispenser should see it
administered.  The party fed me and treated
me kindly, but I felt very ill, and had to
go out repeatedly in the night, rising from
my couch of provision boxes, not withstanding
the opium and whiskey.
    30.  Friday.  To horse, or rather mule,
and off after items.  To Post-office.  Met
Edge and lost him.  To the 62nd Pennsyl-
vanians, where I found Will Waud and
Capt. Sawtelle.  Will had, of course, sent
nothing to Frank Leslie as yet.  At the tent
of Col. Black, with him and Lieut Putney.
Talk of the fight at Hanover Court-house.  To
the tent of Col. McQuade of the adjoining
regiment.  Quigg came there while I talked
with the Colonel, when there occurred some
chaff about Berdan, who, as usual, claimed
all the credit of the recent fight.  Quigg was
at this period rather under a cloud, suspect-               
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