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Text for Page 039 [06-01-1862]

        The Ride back to the White House
the roads which his condition illustrated.
    2. Monday.  Saddled my mule for a
ride back to the White-House, resolved not
to make a die of it, if possible.  Rode for a
space of a mile or so with a cavalry-man,
going to fetch whiskey.  A hot day and rutty
road.  Saw some Zouaves outside a house,
talked with a sutler, was introduced to two
doctors who had just finished a meal of
chicken and green peas in the house, not-
withstanding which there was enough left for
me.  So invigorated, I pushed forwards.  It
was by lonely forest-roads, redolent of dead
horses, which my mule had an invincible
objection to passing, which necessitated
a good many fights with him and some
detours.  Sometimes I halted to rest, some-
times rode up to a lonely house to inquire
my way.  How well I remember that ride !
The strange loneliness of it, the trampled
roads and demolished fences, the sense of
hope and satisfaction with each lessening
mile.  Presently the day waned.  As I
drew nearer to the White House I fell in
with a friendly teamster who was going in the
same direction, and kept him company �               
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