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Text for Page 041 [06-02-1862]

            General O.  Howard of Maine.
to the deck of which I ascended by means of
a single plank, over a considerable expanse
of water.  The mule couldn�t reach the �Nelly
Baker� by this, of course.  However I learnt,
to my satisfaction that the steamer would not
get off till next morning, and a Philadelphian
captain of the intermediate vessel offered to
convey the mule to a camp he knew, where the
animal would be at least, safe.  This he did,
got me a cup of tea and some farma, and
also undertook to bring my animal to another
landing, from which the mail was to be re-
ceived, and to help me to get him aboard �
for all of which I renumerated him.  As
I sought the Nelly Baker a wounded officer
was carried aboard, who proved to be a
Gen. Howard of Maine, whose right arm
had been broken in two places by shot, in the
Battle of Fairoaks and very recently ampu-
tated.  Coming from the field he had met
Gen. Kearny (who had left his left arm on some
Mexican battle-field) and accosted him with,
�well General, I�ll buy gloves with you now.�
They deposited this brave joker on a stretcher in
the cabin, and on the floor lay a handsome
young man, I was told the General�s brother,
also badly wounded, I think in the thigh.  I               
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