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Text for Page 043 [06-03-1862]

                     Fortress Monroe.
cuddy or cabin, which was crowded with hun-
gry persons whose leisure I had to wait.  The
day was alternately sunny and showery; my
dysentery incessant.  In the cabin, attending on
the wounded General and his brother, I noticed
a smart, trimly attired woman, in a round hat,
the first feminine-looking person I had seen for
three months; it gave me pleasure to observe her
though she wasn�t pretty.  On this steamer I
encountered the ex-actor captain whose acquain-
tance I had made in Alexandria, he recogni-
zing me.  Subsequently I got some eggs cooked
-- and how good they tasted !  We arrived at For-
tress Monroe by 31/2 P.M. and I presently found
Brigham who soon got me an order to stable
my mule.  On my way to do this I encountered
also first Livers, then Noyes, once of the �Knick-
erbocker Magazine� in New York: he was here
on some speculative business.  Capt. Winchester
and his regiment was, I understand, at Nor-
folk.  Getting rid of my mule I went to the
Hygeia and there, after some weary waiting, and
describing my condition to the landlord of
The Hygeia I was inducted into a single room, and got to
       4.  Wednesday.  Rain.  A meal at the little
restaurant at the back of the hotel.  To the               
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