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Text for Page 044 [06-04-1862]

             Heiss and Captain Heine.
Quartermaster�s office and Brigham; then
into the Fort, to Livers, to whom the mule
was presently consigned, subject to Brigham�s
order, as the representative of the Tribune.
(I believe the animal was afterward�s �turned
in� to the U.S. Service as an equivalent for a
horse = Gay told me something to that effect
in New York.)  Passed the day miscellaneous-
ly; saw Steiner, of the Herald at the Post
Office; met Heiss the Telegraph man whom
I had known at Charleston, and Capt.
Heine.  Heiss came up and recognized me
at the hotel : he was in the employ of the gover-
ment and had had some difficulty in esca-
ping from South Carolina after the bombard-
ment of Sumter.  I think his father had
fought in the war of the revolution, hence the
man couldn�t �go� secession with all its belong-
ings; he was of northern birth.  He had a
wife and family, resident in Brooklyn.
Heine told me that he had been sent back
from before Yorktown under arrest he didn�t
know for what, and indeed confined for
a period on the Rif-rafs, from whence old
Gen. Wool had released him.  By 5 o�clock
I went aboard the Baltimore steam-boat,
Brigham (who knew everybody) very good               
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