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Text for Page 045 [06-04-1862]

       From Fortress Monroe to Baltimore.
naturedly procuring me a free passage and
a couple of meal-tickets.  Livers and his
wife came aboard, with their niece, all three
being bound, like myself, to New York.  Brig-
ham saw me off.  We had some wounded
men in the cabin, one from the field of Fair
oaks, a captain, shot through the thigh.  There
was a Herald correspondent, too, who came
and read the report he was taking on, to the
patient.  I soon got to my cabin and re-
mained there except when my complaint ob-
liged me to quit it.
     5.  Thursday.  Near Baltimore, which look-
ed pretty enough in the early morning, with
its shipping and long stretch of land, like
an island, and fort on it, suggestive of the
approach to New York.  I did not know, then,
that Jack Edwards was encamped with his
�home� regiment on Federal Hill, overlooking
the town.  Disembarked with the Livers�
family, walked to the railroad dep�t, read
the miserable Baltimore papers, then off.
(the town was Livers� birthplace.)  Through
the rich Maryland county, beautiful in its
summer foliage, and contrasting oh ! so ex-
quisitely with what I had seen in Virginia.
Yet the former state would rival the latter               
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