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Text for Page 047 [06-05-1862]

                        To New York
of the window at streets and shops, and � above
all things ! � at pretty and elegantly dressed
women.  I seemed to love all women ! to be
wanting to hug them ! I was gaunt, wretched-
ly thin, with a sun-burned hollow face, my
hair long; my hat an old felt one, without
a band to it, in which I had often fed my
mule; my heavy coat, threadbare in places,
and all stained with the rains, the earth and
the resinous germs exuding form the trees
against which I had leant; my waist coat
was almost buttonless; my trousers tucked
into rusty old boots, and one thickness of
the seat worn into rags from friction on
the saddle.  Also I wore a rough leather
belt, acquired at Yorktown.  In such a
plight I presented myself at 132 Bleeker
Street.  I found Shepherd, Jewett, Lloyd
and Mrs. Bowley in the basement and took
my dinner with them; adjourning anon to 
the big upper room on the third floor, which
had been recently occupied by Boweryem,
who, however, had left it to live with the
Robertson�s.  Here I held a sort of levee, being
visited by the fellows, before turning in.
     6.  Friday.  Going out in the afternoon
met Boweryem, who was on his way to the               
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