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Text for Page 048 [06-05-1862]

                   At 745 Broadway.
boarding-house to see me, having just re-
ceived a note I had written to him from Vir-
ginia.  We walked into Washington Square
together, sat down and had a talk and
then rode down-town by omnibus.  Left him
and went to the Tribune office.  A very kind
reception from Wilbour, England and Gay.
Uptown by omnibus.  To 745 in the evening,
in the room upstairs : Mr and Mrs Edwards,
Jim Parton, Anne, Eliza and Matty present,
also Reynolds, and anon Haney.  The talk
ran mostly on the war and my recent ex-
periences.  Parton, I remember, professed
his inability to make up his mind about
the character of McClellan; and quite ad-
mired the tact of Bennett of the Herald in
championing him � thus procuring favors
and facilities for its correspondence.  This
admiration of mere success I always noticed
in Jim, regarding it as an unsafe, a danger-
ous quality, indicating weakness in its possess-
or : its the worst part of Carlylism, which I,
for my part, am not going to accept as gos-
pel.  At this very period, too, Parton was
vacillating in purpose and inclining to return
to the woman who had made him so wretched,
which he did, shortly afterwards.  Haney.               
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