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Text for Page 049 [06-06-1862]

           Parton : Hart : the Tribune Etc.
had a good deal to tell me about all that had
transpired since my departure, when we left
745: how Fanny had, through Mort Thomson,
inserted a paragraph in one of the weekly pa-
pers about the separation from Jim, attributing
it to brutality on his part and that of his relations
-- an allusion to Bill Roger�s putting her down
stairs at Rochester !
   7.  Saturday.  Down town in the afternoon.
got a $240 check from the Tribune.  Banks
followed me up into the office looking particular-
ly raffish and seedy, wanting me to get him
a position as correspondent in the paper, vouching
for his ability and character.  At Haney�s,
found Bellew, who now lives at Fordham.
Out together, for lager and talk.  Up-town.
A visit from Mr Hart and Kelly, the latter
having arrived in New York some few days
back.  To Nibl0�s with them, where we saw
the Enchantress; I feeling very sick and
tired the whilst, as I did all this week,
my diarrheah continuing intermittently.
    8.  Sunday.  A wet, cool day.  A visit from
Hart.  To 745 to dinner, Haney and Katy
Nichols being guests also.  In the afternoon
most members of the family went off to the
Central Park, I going up the 6th avenue               
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